How to choose the right colors for your tattoo.

Deciding what colors you want for your next tattoo is an important decision that should be discussed with your artist. Your artist has knowledge in color theory and knows which colors will compliment each other best, and what will look good next to your other tattoos. It is important to think about the tones of your skin as well. Although colors look different depending on your skin tone, you would be surprised at what your artist can do for you, no matter how light or dark your skin is.

-Consult your artist in person. Talk to them about your color preferences, they will let you know if the colors you have chosen will look good together. They will also let you know which colors will show up best for your individual skin tone.

- Are you choosing colors that are symbolic or to convey a message? Certain colors can mean different things, so take care to choose the right colors for the "feeling" of your tattoo.

-Red and other warm tones tend to look good on just about everyone. So of course red is a traditional favorite for tattoos.

-Bright colors like yellow or green usually look best next to a darker color, or with a bold outline so it can really pop.

-Darker colors like blue and purple generally don't show up well on dark skin tones. If you have a dark complexion and want these colors, talk to your artist about using light blues and purples. Throwing a little bit of white into your favorite blue may just save the day.

-White ink tattoos are cool...right now. This is a trending style that you may be considering, but take caution. White can sometimes fade to a pale yellow, and may not give you the results you were expecting over time. White tattoos almost never come out completely white. The most typical scenario is the white ink will fade to a lighter shade of your own skin tone.

-Black ink. Classic. You can't go wrong with blackwork or black and grey, no matter your skin tone. It will always be the boldest choice.

Black/grey is the best choice for the undecided.

If you're not sure if you want color, or you are undecided on what colors you want, you can always do the design in black/grey first, and color it in later!

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