Tattoos hurt. Here's what you can do to make them hurt LESS.

Even if you have a high pain tolerance, getting a tattoo hurts—that’s a given. Tattoos do not magically appear from the wave of a wand, nor do they come pain-free. But, don’t let the inevitability of some level of pain scare you away from getting tattoos in West Palm Beach; most tattooed individuals will tell you that the pain is worth it.

To help you get through it, whether you have been tattooed multiple times or are planning on getting your first tattoo, here are five ways to deal with and manage the pain when getting a tattoo:

  1. Distract yourself! Listen to music or watch a movie. While getting a tattoo, do something else that requires your brain’s attention,

  2. Squeeze something. Stress ball, your friends hand, the tattoo chair armrest etc.

  3. Take a break. Regardless if you’re getting a small tattoo or a bigger one, it’s okay to request a break. Stopping for a short period of time can give you a temporary pain reprieve: time to give your body and mind a few moments to regroup your thoughts. Alternatively, some people may find it easier to fight through the pain to get it done quicker.

  4. Breathe! You might unconsciously hold your breath or start breathing shallowly from tattoo pain. When you don’t breathe, your body can tense up, which will intensify the pain. If you feel yourself tensing up, remember to take a breath and relax.

  5. Eat something! Eating before you get tattooed increases your blood sugar and makes it hurt less! Eating beforehand and sipping a sugary drink will also reduce your chances of feeling dizzy or passing out.

Most shops will tell you, it’s important to avoid taking blood-thinning painkillers before getting a tattoo. Drinking alcohol to calm your nerves is also a big don’t—this can cause an adverse reaction, affecting the stability of your body’s internal conditions before a tattoo.

Just follow these tips and relax, your body will thank you for it!

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