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Outrageous Tattoos is proud to announce we have teamed up with Tattoo Punks and Punx Stay Dekt Productions to bring you We Are The Punx 2!

Last year's We Are The Punx event featured 10 bands in one night and was such a success that this year the event has tripled in size to accommodate 30 bands over 3 nights!

The even runs May 31-June 2nd 2019 (but don't leave town right away!)

Monday June 3rd will be an afterparty/beach day for our out of town guests and bands.

June 4th - June 9 Outrageous Tattoos will be hosting guest artist Myke Dagger of Tattoo Punks Volume 1-2 and Canadian punk band Chips Ov Oi.

Myke will be working alongside Outrageous Tattoos home artist Katie Clarke who is also featured in Tattoo Punks Volume 1 and 2.

The will both be making punk inspired flash art for the event so come get some!

Follow Myke Dagger on Instagram


Katie Clarke @Knast_ee

Tattoo Punks @tattoopunks

We Are The Punx @wearethepunx

For Tickets for We Are The Punx 2 click the link below:

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